Chateau De Ville Hotel | İçmeler Marmaris – Turkey

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About İçmeler

Located in a unique place in the Gulf of Marmaris, at the west end of the bay, it is an essential tourist center for an elite vacation. The İçmeler which leans its back to the pine forest coming down from the mountains has gotten its name from the large number of drinking water sources. The most important feature of the water is that it is good for the digestive system. It draws attention with its quite orderly and attractive coastline, beaches all along the bay, decent facilities for accommodations, restaurants, bars, entertainment and shopping centers.

At the bay, where the modern and traditional structures meet, an old settlement, just off the coast in the KÖYİÇİ (İçmeler Village) with all of its authenticity, is waiting for its guests. If you continue through the village, within walking distance, the canyon that you will come across will drift you away to another world.  Exploring the buried canyon which meets the mountains and its surroundings will be a distinct adventure to all nature lovers.

At the entrance of the town, the İçmeler Park, arranged in the form of a botanical garden, immediately attracts attention. The park which is designed to serve its visitors with its bar-restaurant and cafeteria is also a step away from your hotel and lays the nature on your feet again and again.

The creek which divides the İçmeler in the middle revitalizes the town with its improved figure. The pleasure of shopping should also be experienced while walking along side the creek with its souvenir and crafts exhibits decorating the both sides.